Publicity and Comment Period Open

Following the formal submission of out Neighbourhood Plan, SODC has now completed their review and commenced the publicity and comment period before the independent examiner makes his report.

You can read the key documents on the SODC web site here.

A paper copy of the key documents is also available to consult in St Andrew’s Church and at SODC Offices.

SODC has appointed an independent examiner and he will deliver his report following the statutory publicity period which ends 4th January 2019. Any comments received by SODC will be forwarded to the examiner.

A further review will be needed to incorporate any changes required by the examiner and SODC will then publish a final version to go to a referendum by residents.

We expect the referendum to take place on Thursday 14th March 2019

The full set of documents is quite large, but we encourage you to read at least the policies in the main report, Chapter 4.

We have also put a copy of the plan, including all the Appendices, on the Documents Page of this site.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group