Community Group Comes Together

A group of volunteers from the community have come together to assist the Steering Group in the assessment and possible allocation of sites for development. The steering group are delighted to have their input and thank everybody for their time. 

The first Community Group meeting was held on 6th November. There are more details on this update

An important part of the Community Group's role to help disseminate information about the process. If you want to know more ask them!

Community Group Members

Robert Ainger
Robert Crane
Stuart Dale
Paul Dixon
Pat Elderfield
Peter Hands
Kay Hardie
Chris Hawes
Jane Hoskin
Andrew Oldfield
Susan Pring
Carolyn Shaikh
Andy Stocks
Christina Sweeney

Steering Group Members

Bill Barksfield
Sally Barksfield
Andy Barmer
David Rickeard
Crispin Topping
Marcus Wood      

Declarations of Interests from each of the above can be found on the Documents Page


If you would like to get involved please email