After two years in the making the village Neighbourhood Plan is nearly complete. It’s now time to read it and make comment.


The consultation will open at 8am on March 1st.

Why should I comment?

This is your plan that will influence the future of your village. This consultation is your chance to comment before the plan is formally submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council. 

Your views will be considered by the Plan team and the experts assisting them. Comments received will help refine the plan before it moves forward to the next stage. 

Who is involved in the consultation? 

This is a public consultation and anyone can comment. The Plan Team have informed each household in the parish; local institutions, groups and clubs; and ‘statutory bodies’ such as Thames Water and Historic England. 

How do I see the Plan?

You can access the Plan online on the Documents page of this website. A printed copy is available to read at St Andrews Church, East Hagbourne.

How do I take part? 

Please submit comments by midnight on 14th April in one of these ways:

Will my comments be published? 

The Plan Team will publish a summary of comments once the consultation has closed. This will show your name but will not show your contact details if you have commented as an individual or household. Your data will be stored securely and will not be shared.