Your Village, Your Voice

The people of East Hagbourne have a unique opportunity to shape the future of their village. East Hagbourne is making a Neighbourhood Plan.  

A Plan for East Hagbourne

The community will have its say and its plan will have influence over planning decisions and development.

Made by East Hagbourne

The Plan is being devised by residents of East Hagbourne. It will be based on consultation and discussion and subject to a parish referendum. 


Character Assessment now online

We are delighted to share the final version of the East Hagbourne Village Character Assessment and Landscape Study. This has been a lot of work and its publication is a great step forward for the Neighbourhood Plan.

You can see the document on this link.

Plan update meeting

If you missed the plan update meeting and want to see what was presented you can see Crispin’s powerpoint here.

There was plenty of discussion too. There’s some minutes from the meeting on this link.




Heritage & Landscape Character Assessment Workshop

2oth February 2017, 7.30pm
The Pavilion, East Hagbourne 

We’ve been busy preparing a Heritage and Landscape Character Assessment. This is an important part of the Plan and it needs your input before its finalised.

On 20th February we will share the results of the Assessment, focusing on key characteristics and local character areas. A summary of the results will be presented by consultants Jeremy Lake and Steve Warnock, after which there will be coffee and break-out sessions. Comments will be recorded and each individual will be requested to fill out a form giving their own ratings of sensitivity to development.

It should be fascinating and we look forward to getting your input.

Comment on the Survey Results

The Neighbourhood Plan team are keen to get as much comment and input from residents as possible. We are particularly interested to hear what people think about the Survey Results and how they think these might inform the Plan’s Vision and Objectives.

A feedback form was handed out at the meeting on the 25th October. If you did not get one, or were not at the meeting please download it here. Once complete email it back or print it out and drop through Crispin’s door at 12 Main Road.

Alternatively simply email your thoughts to .