Plan formally submitted

East Hagbourne’s Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to SODC on 17th September 2018. This is a major milestone and the result of a lot of hard work and consultation with SODC over the summer, building on the many comments received during the consultation held in March/April.

We feel confident that the revised NP report remains true to the aspirations of the community expressed in the parish survey and consultation, while addressing the various issues in a more effective way than the earlier draft.

To strengthen our evidence base, the Parish Council commissioned a new landscape study to better define the “green buffers” around our village as proposed by Didcot Garden Town. You can read this report here.

What’s next:

The NP report itself, together with its appendices and supporting documents will be publicly available from around 1st October when the Plan enters its second 6-week public consultation period. This will be organised by SODC, but we will make all the documents available on our NP website, with a paper copy available in the church as before.

There are still some steps to go through: we expect examination of the Plan to take place from mid-November to the New Year and the Examiner may introduce changes at this stage. Then, following the necessary publicity period, our Plan will go to referendum which is expected to be on Thursday 14th March 2019 – please mark the date now!.

We will be holding a public meeting to explain the process on Monday 15th October at 7:30pm in the Pavilion to which you are all invited. Please note that this is not a feedback meeting – we are no longer able to change the text – but if you feel strongly, you will be able to comment directly to SODC.