This is the broad structure for the development of the Neighbourhood Plan (NDP). 

Stage 1

Getting Started

  • Hold community event(s) to discuss the issues arising from the NDP, learn if residents are for or against it, and invite volunteers to participate in Focus Groups and / or the Steering Group
  • Decide who will be consulted, and about what – and how progress on the NDP will be reported to the community

Stage 2

Engaging the Community

  • Residents and the parish council express interest in creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
  • Boundaries for the Plan Area are set – and see if neighbouring parishes should be involved
  • Informally notify SODC and decide the best way to engage with the community

Stage 3

Getting Organised

  • Clarify how the Parish Council will be involved in the NDP process, and create a Project Team involving people from the community
  • Build a Project Plan saying what work will be delivered, when and by whom
  • Give SODC the aims of the Plan, the draft NDP structure, the Community Engagement Plan and the Project Plan.

Stage 4

Gathering information.

  • Review all the information gathered so far.
  • Refer to Parish Plans, Local Plans and any other important documents such as Design Statements
  • Set up Focus Groups to collect information and report back to the Project Team
  • Hold more community meetings to collect information

Stage 5

Pulling it together.

  • Focus Groups set the aims and priorities for the Draft Plan in their areas of knowledge
  • Examine how new and existing ideas fit into the overall Draft NDP
  • Hold a community event to check that the aims and priorities of the Draft NDP are right

Stage 6

Drafting the NDP

  • Show that the NDP reflects existing policies, meets community aspirations, and will ensure that development is sustainable
  • Prepare an action plan to take specific projects forward
  • Draw a map showing where policies apply and where individual projects will be located

Stage 7

Testing & Approval

  • Publicise the draft NDP in the community, and consult with those likely to be affected by the NDP
  • Send the draft NDP to SODC and await the decision of the independent examiner; amend the NDP as necessary
  • Hold a referendum to approve or refuse the NDP in the parish

Stage 8

Delivery & Monitoring

  • If the NDP is approved by referendum, establish a new Project Team to oversee implementation
  • Set up Task Groups to deliver each project in the NDP
  • Monitor implementation of the NDP in tandem with the community
  • Fully review the NDP within 5 years of approval