Consultation Drop-In

The Consultation drop in on March 10th was a great success. About 30 or so people visited the Pavilion during the morning and talked through the plan with Steering Group members.

You can see boards prepared for the drop-in displayed in Hagbourne Village Hall. Or you can see a PDF of them here.






Consultation Live

The Steering Group are excited to announce that the Draft Plan has reached an important milestone. A formal 6 week consultation is now live.

The consultation is an opportunity for residents and other interested parties to read the plan and make comment. The Steering Group is expecting a lot of interest.

Once the Consultation finishes (on April 14th) input will be used to refine and revise the plan. The Plan will then be formally submitted to SODC along side a Consultation Statement which will summarise the results of the Consultation.

This is a great step forward. You can read more and make your comment on the Consultation Page. You can download the Consultation Leaflet here. And you can see the Draft Plan, appendices and supporting documents on the Documents page.

January’s Public Meeting

Over 60 residents packed out the Pavilion in January to hear progress on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Marcus, Crispin and David gave an overview of progress to date. Attendees listened attentively and there was a lively debate about both Green Spaces the site allocation process.

You can read a detailed report of what was said here.

Progress on Site Assessment

After many months of hard work a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan containing the Vision, Objectives and draft Policies is now available for people to see. You can read it here.

Over the summer, further discussion were held with SODC as a result of which the Steering Group have initiated an evaluation of potential development sites in the parish with the intention of 'allocating' one or more sites for housing development.

A public meeting was held on Thursday 14th September to discuss the allocation process and was attended by over 70 people. Ricardo Rios of SODC explained that allocating one or more sites for development would give our Neighbourhood Plan more strength and avoid the risk that it is considered out of date while SODC does not have a 5-year land supply.

Following the meeting a call for sites was initiated and is now closed. The process of objective evaluation has now been started based on all the possible sites in the parish, including those put forward under the call for sites.

To provide a wider base of knowledge and experience for the site evaluations, a Community Group has been appointed to work with the Steering Group on the evaluation. You can see the group membership on this update.

The first meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Community Group was held on 16 November 2017 when we reviewed the first draft of a pre-screening of the possible housing sites in East Hagbourne Parish. The purpose of this first step was to define a shorter list of sites to go through a more detailed evaluation process, as shown in the map below. The red sites are those we think are possible allocation sites, with one uncertain addition marked in yellow. The pale orange sites are not likely allocation sites, but have been included for a full evaluation because they are the subject of planning applications and it will be valuable to have detailed information to enable us to respond in the best possible way.

Click here for the presentation slides from the meeting and here for the meeting minutes,

Three screening criteria have been used: Suitability, Availability and Feasibility. For the screening, we have assumed that all sites are feasible and availability is (relatively) straightforward, because there is an SODC database on which we can rely. It is known as the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). A summary for East Hagbourne is here

So it is the suitability criteria that dominate at this point.

The suitability criteria we used are:

- Is the site closely related to, and well integrated with the village?

- Is the site easily accessible to EH services and facilities by both roads & footpaths?

- Does the site flood or could it create flooding /environmental issues?

- Will development impact the Conservation Area or setting of the AONB?

The first two of these proved contentious at the meeting, with some members preferring to allocate sites remote from the village, so the above is not yet final.

NOTE: A much more extensive range of assessment criteria will be used for those sites passing to the detailed evaluation.

We have set an ambitious timescale: at our next Community Group meeting we plan to review first drafts of a full evaluation on each of the selected sites. If these are agreed by the Community Group, we will then be in a position to communicate with the owners of these sites to solicit their input.

The Community Group will carry on working, incorporating input from land owners and members of the public as it comes in, with the objective of having a full recommendation by early January. A public review meeting will be convened once the process nears completion.

Further web postings will be made as the process evolves. If you have comments or input, you can send them to allocation@easthagbourneplan.net or by mail to EHNP Allocation, c/o Allison Leigh, Clerk to East Hagbourne Parish Council, 26 Eaton Village, Eaton, Oxon, OX13 5PR.

Community Group Comes Together

A group of volunteers from the community have come together to assist the Steering Group in the assessment and possible allocation of sites for development. The steering group are delighted to have their input and thank everybody for their time. 

The first Community Group meeting was held on 6th November. There are more details on this update

An important part of the Community Group's role to help disseminate information about the process. If you want to know more ask them!

Community Group Members

Robert Ainger
Robert Crane
Stuart Dale
Paul Dixon
Pat Elderfield
Peter Hands
Kay Hardie
Chris Hawes
Jane Hoskin
Andrew Oldfield
Susan Pring
Carolyn Shaikh
Andy Stocks
Christina Sweeney

Steering Group Members

Bill Barksfield
Sally Barksfield
Andy Barmer
David Rickeard
Crispin Topping
Marcus Wood      

Declarations of Interests from each of the above can be found on the Documents Page


If you would like to get involved please email allocation@easthagbourneplan.net

Draft Plan now live

After many months of hard work a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is now available for people to see. You can read it here.

In time this draft will be amended and completed before the community are asked to comment on it through a formal consultation. The Steering Group very much look forward to receiving feedback.

Call for sites now open

The public meeting on Thursday 14th September to discuss the allocation process was attended by over 70 people. The Steering Group was assisted by Ricardo Rios of SODC who explained the background and answered questions. There will now be a call for sites, which will be a 28-day period beginning on the 14th September, followed by an objective evaluation based on pre-defined criteria to assess whether development is suitable, available and achievable.

Preview and download the Call for Sites Form here. 

Preview and download a copy of the presentation given by Crispin and Ricardo.

Preview and download a report from the meeting on 14th September. 

Residents attend public meeting on 14th September

Character Assessment now online

We are delighted to share the final version of the East Hagbourne Village Character Assessment and Landscape Study. This has been a lot of work and its publication is a great step forward for the Neighbourhood Plan.

You can see the document on this link.

Plan update meeting

If you missed the plan update meeting and want to see what was presented you can see Crispin’s powerpoint here.

There was plenty of discussion too. There’s some minutes from the meeting on this link.