Vision and Objectives


Our vision is to safeguard the individual character and vitality of our historic village and protect its rural environment for the benefit of town and village alike whilst supporting sustainable development that meets the needs of residents now and in the future.


The Neighbourhood plan will be led by the community and grow and evolve over the course of 2016.

As a starting point the Steering Group have drafted the following objectives: 

  1. Preserve the independent character of our village as Didcot expands
  2. Provide a soft transition from the built-up village area to the open country
  3. Respond in a measured and planned way to new housing requirements of our community including the provisions of SODC's Local Plan 2031
  4. Maintain and enhance the footpaths and green spaces as a resource for village and town alike
  5. Formulate policies to protect the village envelope from traffic noise, light pollution and unplanned development
  6. Maintain and enhance biodiversity within the Parish
  7. Encourage cycling ,walking and other non-car based means of transport
  8. Conserve and protect the historic core of the village within and adjoining the Conservation Area together with its 47 Listed Buildings and structures
  9. Nurture the volunteer ethos that animates our vibrant village
  10. Provide traffic management that promotes mobility while respecting and protecting the historic fabric of our village
  11. Promote and support business, community, sporting and religious activities and premises within the village that enhance the living experience in East Hagbourne and identify any gaps and future need
  12. Facilitate and support the successful provision of primary and pre-school education within the village and provide as necessary for possible future expansion